May 27, 2015




Welcome to the SIG Machine Translation

Machine translation has become again a major research topic in Computational Linguistics. To support research activities, this special interest group

The SIG MT was founded in 2009, and membership is free.


Currently, the main focus of the SIG is to organize two research workshop series:

  • WMT: Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
    • WMT 2014, co-located with ACL, Baltimore, USA
    • WMT 2013, co-located with ACL, Sofia, Bulgaria
    • WMT 2012, co-located with NAACL, Montreal, Canada
    • WMT 2011, co-located with EMNLP, Edinburgh, Scotland
    • WMT 2010, co-located with ACL, Uppsala, Sweden
    • WMT 2009, co-located with EACL, Athens, Greece
    • WMT 2008, co-located with ACL, Columbus, Ohio, USA
    • WMT 2007, co-located with ACL, Prague, Czech Republic
    • WMT 2006, co-located with NAACL, New York, USA
  • SSST: Workshop on Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation
    • SSST 2013, co-located with NAACL, Atlanta, USA
    • SSST 2012, co-located with ACL, Jeju, Korea
    • SSST 2011, co-located with ACL, Portland, Oregon, USA
    • SSST 2010, co-located with COLING, Beijing, China
    • SSST 2009, co-located with NAACL, Boulder, Colorado, USA
    • SSST 2008, co-located with ACL, Columbus, Ohio, USA
    • SSST 2007, co-located with NAACL, Rochester, New York, USA

We also endorse the following events:

ACL MT Workshops